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Tips for Selecting the Best Sex Toy for Couples

Intimacy in a relationship is extremely important, but it’s not always easy to keep the fire burning. After a few years together, many couples begin experimenting with their sexual appetites in an effort to satisfy unmet needs and unquenched desires. Albeit a perfectly natural part of the process, some of the choices people make during this time can be devastating to their partner. The buffer (and solution) is often found in using a sex toy that’s made specifically for couples.

What Is a Sex Toy for Couples?

Back in the day, a couple’s sex toy was considered a fantasy, or at least a luxury that couldn’t be afforded by most people. Things like old bread, cheese, vegetables, clothing and furniture were often used to suffice where a real-life lover could not be found. In fact, it was in those days that mankind’s unquenchable libido became apparent, especially when folks started using those makeshift sex toys even when their partners were around.

These days, thankfully, sex toys are a such better representatives of mankind’s ingenuity. Take the luxurious Kiiroo Onyx 2 (ranked #1 male sex toy in 2021) and its female companion, the Pearl. Using skin-safe materials and high-tech gadgetry, those two toys have set the standard for all modern-day marital aids. Now, couple’s sex toys have become about as diverse as the people who use them, with many inexpensive design options, ergonomic accessory choices, and a ton of exciting add-ons that are made to appeal to the average pervert’s desires.

Modern-day sex toys for couples are a unique brand of marital aid designed to inspire and/or promote passionate unity between two (or more) lovers. Most of the top-notch models either come in pairs that work in unison with one another or have features that allow a partner to take control of the reins while the other one lays back and takes it. Certain devices even offer both experience options, and if you play your cards right, you can get a couple’s sex toy that has customization features as well.

The most commonly used features and/or technologies used on today’s best couple’s sex toys are as follows:

  • Bluetooth
  • Downloadable content
  • Smart device apps
  • Virtual Reality
  • VR goggle compatibility
  • SyncMotion Technology
  • Sync-to-Music Technology
  • Wireless remote controls
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Travel locks
  • Interchangeable components
  • Compatibility with other toys

Keep in mind that not all couple’s sex toys have the same features on them, nor do they all work the same. In fact, the market for these items is so large that most people don’t know how to navigate through it without some sort of buyer’s guide. And while comprehensive information is always useful, sometimes all you need is a few hints to set you on the right path.

How to Find the Perfect Couples Sex Toy

Selecting the best sex toy for couples isn’t always easy. The sheer number of options is staggering, even to professionals who work with marital aids every day. Find exactly what you’re looking for by asking the right questions.

There are at least three things you need to answer before ever even shopping for a new sex you for couples:

  1. What Is My/My Partner’s Skin Type?

Understand that not all couple’s sex toys are made the same, even if they look and behave very similarly. Furthermore, they’re all made from different materials – silicone, PVC, TPE, polycarbonate, elastomer, glass, stainless-steel, etc. Make sure you know how everyone’s skin will react to the materials in each toy (and in the complimentary lube you’ll have to use with it). Watch out for skin irritation and/or allergic reactions if you skip this question.

  1. What Do I/My Partner Want the Toy to Do?

Our body types and sexual appetites are subject to individual preferences, not to a manufacturer’s design and production limitations. Knowing what you want out of your couple’s sex toy will help you narrow down the options a lot faster than simply shooting in the dark. Do you want something that you can travel with? Are you interested in discretion over functionality? Does your body crave a certain type of stimulation? This particular pre-shopping question may have several parts but they’re all extremely important to you and/or your partner’s ultimate experience.

  1. How Much Experience Do I/My Partner Have?

It’s also important to realize that some of today’s best couple’s sex toys are rather high-tech, especially considering how well they work in unison with one another. Given the advanced interfaces and complex operating systems, you should always double check your own experience with those things before tackling a new toy. Fiddling clumsily with a sex toy while your partner waits patiently with throbbing genitals is not a good idea. How prepared are you for the toy you like the most? Do you even have the right equipment?

Other important questions you should ask yourself include:

  1. What Does the Toy Do?

Regardless of how the device/devices look, does it/do they perform the tasks required by me and/or my partner? Will we be able to get creative in our sex or masturbation sessions? Do my partner and I need to be in the same vicinity to make the toy(s) work?

  1. What Doesn’t It Do?

Are we limited in any way, especially sexually and/or socially, if we choose the toy in our shopping cart? Will we have to buy any additional items or accessories to make it work the way we want it to? Are extra purchases like that feasible for our budget?

  1. How Often Will You Play with It?

Do you think this device is durable enough to withstand your lifestyle and sexual appetites? Is it possible that you and/or your partner will play with this toy or its sidekick when you’re alone? Are you equipped with the right stuff to ensure it’s properly cleaned, maintained and always ready for use?

Final Thoughts on Couple’s Sex Toys

While many sex toys for couples are relatively inexpensive, many can produce sticker shock at first. Fortunately, most modern-day sex toy manufacturers offer warranties, especially on high-tech luxury devices. Only purchase items that make for a responsible investment.

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